Track record

Through rigorous analysis and careful consideration, we selectively identify opportunities that offer the greatest potential for value creation and long-term success

Our seasoned team leverages deep industry expertise and market insights to execute projects with precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal outcomes for our investors and stakeholders

  • Capital raise for several commercial centres in Romania amounting to €125m
  • Capital management for an extensive portfolio of properties in CEE with a total market value of more than €100m
  • Management of a senior real estate loan portfolio in excess of €120m
  • Leading syndication mandates of more than €140m
  • Mezzanine lending facility granted to a Romanian residential developer amounting to €5.3m
  • Option facility against a real estate project amounting to €1.5m
  • Working capital and ancillary facilities amounting €4.1m provided to a nation wide retail operator
  • Development of more than 32,000 sqm of office space on the Bucharest market
  • Successful exit from residential and commercial projects of more than 20,000 gross built area.