Cascade Group

We are your Capital Partner

About us

We specialize in investments spanning real estate, capital markets, and partnerships with real estate developers, construction firms, fellow investors, entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium-sized businesses

We are a group of seasoned real estate and finance professionals with more than two decades of experience in the CEE market

We benefit from the services of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who combine expertise in real estate development, asset management, banking, restructuring, accounting and distressed situations

Our principles of doing business

As a seasoned firm specializing in investment solutions, we excel in navigating the complexities of real estate markets and capital investments

Our robust portfolio encompasses strategic ventures in real estate properties and capital markets, backed by thorough market analysis and expert insights

We take pride in our role as trusted capital partners, guiding businesses and entrepreneurs towards achieving their optimal capital structure for sustainable growth and success

With a commitment to excellence and tailored strategies, we empower our partners to make informed decisions and unlock their full potential in today’s dynamic economic landscape

We manage assets in excess of €60m

Throughout the years, we concluded, managed, or assisted investments totaling more than €500m