Cascade Group

We are a group of seasoned real estate and finance professionals with more than two decades of experience in the CEE market.

About us

As the real estate and office development industries continue to expand, financing solutions become more and more crucial for growth and success. A finance firm that specializes in offering financing solutions for real estate and office development projects can play a vital role in helping companies achieve their goals. These firms provide investors and developers with access to capital, allowing them to fund acquisitions, development projects, or operational expenses.

Financing solutions for real estate and office development can take many forms, depending on the needs of the project or company. Some common financing options include mezzanine financing, bridge loans, construction financing, and permanent financing. A finance firm specializing in these areas will be able to identify the right financing solution for the specific project, which can make all the difference in the success or failure of the project.

Who We Are

We are a group of seasoned real estate and finance professionals with more than two decades of experience in the CEE market.

We benefit from the services of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who combine expertise in real estate development, asset management, banking, restructuring, accounting and distressed situations.

Our principles of doing business

What we do

We deliver tailor made financing solutions to real estate developers, construction companies, other investors, entrepreneurs, and small & medium businesses:
  • Acquisitions for development, resale, or operation
  • Early-stage acquisitions
  • Bulk acquisitions
  • Real Estate call/put options
  • Equity partnerships
  • Mezzanine lending
  • Sale and lease back
  • Venture capital
  • Consultancy for capital raise
Throughout the years, we have concluded, managed, or assisted investments totaling more than €500m

Track Record

Cascade Group has a proven track record of financing office real estate and construction projects with innovative strategies that prioritize risk management and customize financing solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.

  • Capital raise for several commercial centres in Romania amounting to €125m
  • Capital management for an extensive portfolio of properties in CEE with a total market value of more than €100m
  • Management of a senior real estate loan portfolio in excess of €120m
  • Leading syndication mandates of more than €140m
  • Mezzanine lending facility granted to a Romanian residential developer amounting to €5.3m
  • Option facility against a real estate project amounting to €1.5m
  • Development of more than 32,000 sqm of office space on the Bucharest market
  • Successful exit from residential and commercial projects of more than 20,000 gross built area